Creating a new site

4 10 2011

is difficult.  I didn’t think it would be that hard but it kind of is.  Or maybe it’s just how I chose to do things.  So I wanted to have a site that would encompass everything I do– music, writing, and film– into one, all about me.  I created a site through name cheap, even though I knew that you can create and buy your own domaiin through wordpress but I wanted to try something new.  Turns out that I also needed to buy webhosting stuff, which I didn’t realize I needed to do, and that’s a little costly for me, at least for the time being.  So I can’t actually edit my domain page without buying webhosting, and now I just have this domain that’s sitting there, blank.  I sent a request to support and asked if I could delete the domain and then I could just buy it on wordpress and all would be good; I had read a similar story on the forums on namecheap and someone also wanted to delete their domain but the response was that you could only delete your domain and get a refund if it had been 72 hours since buying and creating it.  I quickly checked to see how long it had been, and technically, it was a few hours over 3 days.  Still, I sent them an email, and the response I got back told me what I already knew: nope, you can’t do that. So I replied and asked if there was any way to transfer my domain name to be hosted on wordpress instead since they are much less confusing and tricky like that (well, namecheap wasn’t tricky, but I was just under the impression that you could just buy a domain and off you go).

Anyway.  Ack.  Domains.  Wordy things.  So much to know.  At least my helpful, actually smart friend is helping the not-so-smart me out.  Once this all gets sorted out, I’ll be posting a link to my mega site, but until then, it’s crazy confusion time!  Wheeeee!



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