Dream 9

23 05 2011

Dream #3 from the previous #1 and #2 dreams in that series.


This is just… weird.  I’m walking on Granville Street and on my right, there is construction and water (lake, river?).  I continue walking and there are signs on my right, saying this path leads back to the beginning.  I keep walking and now, there are signs and paths that say they lead back to the beinning but are really bad.  Something like, “This horrible road leads back to (?)  Do you really want to go?”  I need to go to the washroom and I take a normal path.  I walk into a stall and there are mirrors on the walls, which I don’t understand cuz it defies the whole point of privacy.  In the mirror, I see Kevin Lau and am kinda surprised he’s here but whatever.  Then the phone rings and I wake up.

[My comment:  Hahaha, Kevin Lau.]



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