Endless Days

1 04 2011

More angsty (bad) teen poetry, written probably in 2005.

Endless Days

Where am I getting this air from?
I can’t breathe from this
that’s strangling me,
squeezing every last ounce of oxygen
out of my lungs.
In the words of my sister Pink
I don’t want love to destroy me
like it did my family.
Yet I know you laugh, scornfully
that I’m a Simon
knowing so much, yet having so little
So much wiser than you could ever imagine
wisdom after learning such harsh lessons
full of sound and fury, signifying nothing
except the need to want
and keep wanting.
Why can’t we be satisfied with
what we have already?
Who cares?  It doesn’t matter.
In the end, the dream of life shatters.



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