Revolutionary Etude Op. 10 Nr. 12 — Frederic Chopin

31 03 2011

Many a year ago, I used to be able to play this one and it took me about a year or so to learn it, play it at tempo, and play it all without dying halfway through.  There are sixteenth notes in the left-hand throughout the entire piece and at a tempo marking of Allegro con fuoco (fast with fire = loud and fast), it really tires you out quickly if played at tempo.  And though it took me a long time to work my way up to tempo, I eventually did manage to do it, albeit kind of sloppily.  But alas, I performed it for my ARCT exam and it was good enough.  Unfortunately and very much stupidly, I didn’t keep practicing it, so now when I play it, I’m done around halfway (or else if I go on, I miss about 80% of the notes and there’s only so much murdering of Chopin I can handle).

Although it’s just under 3 minutes in length, it can be an extremely painful 3 minutes.  But performed right — like in the case of Alan Schiller in the youtube video at the bottom here, who plays most similar to how I used to play it  — and it’s a dazzling spectacle of technique, rhythm, and virtuosity.



2 responses

31 03 2011

So the tl;dr would be: I reminisce about my glory days of piano-playing? 😛

7 04 2011

Yep, pretty much. 🙂

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