30 seconds to 5 minutes

23 03 2011

I give you more than a blackjack,
never believing the cards you hold
is a bluff.
Because why lie on a day a mere six calendar pages back when
you and I once walked on an overcast day, feet from the Indian restaurant on Main Street with the savoury samosas you like so much,
while my doubts cast their spell on me before I asked,
“So… are we boyfriends?”
And even after more than a fortnight of already sensing the answer,
I waited x number of days for you to reveal that we were in fact a pair.

Months later, when days out together fade into nights alone,
I stand still — at least still receiving words from you or your filtered voice celebrating us both for another milestone.
Countless twilights go by, and the worst thing you say stings my ears — silence.
I expected it before but not from you,
my loyal, warm husky.

Perhaps time is not on my side,
and the sounds and words that once trickled like honey from you I must play and bet to earn,
since anything between 30 seconds to 5 minutes
simply costs too much.



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