17 03 2011

Not in the mood to write anything long, but I wanted to say I just saw Milk again tonight.  It really reminds me of a time when gay people literally had to fight for their rights, lead by such a passionate and ambitious leader like Mr. Milk, and it makes me angry that things were the were they were, but it also makes me proud to know and see the history of my people.



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18 03 2011

Hi, Aaron. I’m sad to say that those days of prejudice against LGTB are still happening here in USA plus in every other country in the world with the exception of: Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, Spain and Sweden. That’s 10 out of 195 countries that exist. And the sadder thing is, is that there are no rallies to fight for our rights now like in those days. I wish that in the present there were more people like Harvey Milk or even Sean Penn.
Alright, good night. I better finish eating this green apple.

20 03 2011

Prejudice against LGBT still exists in all those countries you mentioned, Dani. Prejudices will always exist – racism still exists today even though it’s frowned upon (generally). But there will always be pockets of people who hold onto/dig up old discriminatory shit. It’s unfortunate but true.

After the Holocaust and WW2, you’d think there wouldn’t be Nazis or anti-Semitism, but it still exists.

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