11 03 2011

I can try my hardest but there is no avail.

I can reach out to people but nothing will come of it.

Does fat have fun with my sadness or am I simply unlucky?  When everything leads to nothing, where am I?

I stand here, unmoving, unadvanced, while the path that once lay in front of me gets buried by the sand.  There is no road for me — only loneliness.

Am I to be eternally plagued with misfortune, to be tempted by a dangling hope, only to have it snatched from me?”

“Just kiddin.”  It’s nothing.  It’s life.

While the world goes on and people find themselves and each other, I am left standing here, standing but fractured.

People crash into each other every day and find someone to hold on to.

Everyone lets go of me.

Their excuses bounce off me, one after another, each carrying their version of hope, bright and welcoming in my eyes.  But they depart, leaving me to watch them go, taking the hope with them.

Here I continue to stand.

Waiting for the next one.



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