Dream 7

9 03 2011

From March 7, 2005

I apparently had 3 separate dreams that night that I remembered.  Here’s one of them.

Dream 7, March 7, 2005.  #2 Dream

Like my first dream, my second dream was school-based.  I was at band practice (even though I don’t take band anymore) at possible the old house backyard.  Grace and Philip were siting beside me (Grace does not play clarinet and Philip does not play Clarinet 2.  Also he does not go to my school anymore).  We were rehearsing for this concert we had tonight.  But I played really badly and it [my clarinet] squeaked A LOT!  Then Phil got up and went to go get tape for his fingers cuz they hurt.  It made a lot of noise and Mr. Taylor practically just froze until PHil was done.  I figured my hand was kind of sore too so I grabbed some tape to put it on my hands but decided not to so I put the tape in my pocket.  All the while, Mr. Taylor was not saying anything (no one was) and I put the loud, noisy tape in my pocket.  I decided to go to choir instead.

I walked inside (the house) and saw a few people [something] in, but they were all girls.  Mrs. Comfort was goo glad to see me.  I told her I had been “helping oot” with the band.  There were like couches and stuff around and it looked good.  I went into a room with a few people and saw Alyse who I haven’t seen in 4 years.  She said, “Guess who’s 17?”  Then everyone said “Happy Birthday” and she started dancing, except it was actually Shaopin, not Alyse.  I went out and talked to Melanie for a bit.

I’m not sure if this next part is related or not, but it’s similar so I”ll write.

There was supposed to be a play about Shrek tonight as well, but the person playing Shrek wasn’t there.  So, I had to play Shrek.  Maggie/Melanie gave me my lines, which were something like, “I”m not paying for the oysters!” and often, some wird ones.  The plot was something about this evil guy taking the princess and I had to save her.  Then it got all weird and these faries (?) take this boat covered with leaves and drop it on the bad guy.  With just a few minutes before performance, we rehearsed again but I still didn’t know my lines.  I don’t remember how it ended.



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