Anyone have short stories?

21 02 2011

Earlier this month, I came across an ad at Langara about a student at the school looking for short stories for an anthology she was putting together.  She wasn’t looking for any specific kind of themes or stories, and I decided to email her to ask her about it and to send some of my stuff to her.  It turns out her aunt owns a publishing company, who would be the one to publish this anthology.  She’s putting the anthology together partly because Langara, though it does have a yearly book of writing that students past and present can submit their material to get published for, they have a limit of 2 or 3000 words for short stories.  The other part is just to have something published, which I think would be super awesome.

We’ve emailed each other back and forth for a bit and she’s still looking or material.  If anyone reading this has any short stories lying around on their computer or knows of anyone who might have something or even feels inspired to write one for her and her project and would like to send it to her, send an email at And if you have questions, obviously ask her instead of me since I am unknowledgeable.

I sent her three stories I had written.  She hasn’t decided how many stories to publish and I don’t know if she’s set a deadline though at this point, since she’s gotten so few submissions, she might not have a set day.

So yes!  Get on it people!



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