Something to Live For

15 11 2010

Probably some other crap I wrote in Math class in high school.  That last part with the “no longer” is written in super big capitals on the page.  Wow, I was so emo…

Something to Live For

So what’s the meaning to the biggest question?
We all make up reasons:
Fakeness, all Fakeness

Run by society’s madness
Out of control, beyond the brink of extinction
THe laughter, echoing throughout the
eras of  time.
All because of the lie created by our
Society and the media
And for what reason?

Take a picture.
I’ll last no longer.




2 responses

17 11 2010

Emo or being authentic? I think sometimes we censor ourselves by saying “Oh that’s too controversial” or “that’s too emo” when we want to truly express something. Social pressure for sure affects this: at a certain age, we are expected to just “go with the flow” and stop trying to see the true dissatisfaction of this existence.

21 11 2010

Well, I feel like my old stuff was not very poetic compared to what I write now. It was authentic in the sense that it was what I felt but it doesn’t have to come off as emo. There is such thing as authentic non-emo stuff, of course, but I wasn’t developed as a writer/poet back then and it comes off as emo.

I know what you mean though, and it can be tough sometimes to write how you feel without being pressured one way or another.

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