13 11 2010

The stuff in bold are comments I’m making now that aren’t what I originally wrote down two years ago.

July 16, 2008


I think this all happened when I was at the swimming pool.  I don’t know which one because it didn’t look familiar.  I jumped into the pool and got out and walked around for a bit.  There was this small wooden box that someone had cruedly made and even though I didn’t look inside, I knew that was where ammunition/bullets were.

So somehow that goes into a hostage situation with me, Kem, and Lulu.  The evil guy (terrorist, I guess) kept switching faces/bodies, but we always knew who she/she was.  I had a gun pointed in my face several times (as did Lulu + Kem) and it was kinda scary actually.  The evil guy’s plan (he was Bob for a bit)(Note: I’m guessing the Bob I meant is the one that works at VFS in the Writing Program) was to kill a bunch of us (or maybe one) and then to shoot this building that he cruedly drew that had bullets of some kind.  He gave the gun to me a few times, to shoot at the building but I told him my aim was really crappy.

I remember him telling us he was going to kill one of the three of us.  He pointed the gun at Kem, and I didn’t want him to die.  So I wrapped my arms around him, trying to protect him.  He held onto me, close, which was really nice (It’s a hostage situation!  What do I say it’s “nice”?).  It felt right even though I could possibly die, I didn’t care because it was Kem.

Eventually, perspectives changed to that of the evil gun aiming the gun around the room.

There may have been something between Lulu (?) that I don’t remember.

Evil guy aimed the gun at the building labeled bullets (eh?), and I didn’t understand (yeah, I don’t either).  Lulu explained how it was something about hexagons and stuff even though I probably wouldn’t understand it in real life, I understood it in my dream.  She said how if evil guy shot at the building, ice/diamonds would fall out and fall on people below.  Just as I realized this, he fired.

I watched as pieces of ice fell… on top of me.  I was on a bed, and I grabbed a pillow to shield myself.  The ice hit the pillow and I was safe.  I looked around the room and saw that Lulu was fine but that Kem was gone.  I saw the shape of his body underneath the covers and when I pulled them back, he lay there, silent.  There was a trickle of blood running down the side of his head.

I thought he was dead.  He definitely looked dead.

I freaked out.  I started crying and screaming a little, thinking the bullet hit him before it hit the building.

I was so upset, more than I’ve ever been in both real life as well as my dreams.

He suddenly stirred and I realized he wasn’t dead, which overwhelmed me.  I was so incredibly happy, more than I’ve ever been in both real life as well as my dreams.

A bit later (probably some more stuff happened), I had the gun.  I don’t remember how I got it, but the evil guy was now Mahea (then, what would’ve been my 5 year old cousin) and I pointed the gun at her face, trying to make her feel how scary it was to have a gun in the face.  She was scared.  That made me happy.  The police or some other people took her away.

I waved Kem over, saying we had to get going to some place.  He stood a few feet away from me, bathed in a sort of white light.  He smiled at me, I think.  Or maybe he just stood there staring at me.


I don’t remember this dream at all, but now it’s got me thinking…



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