17 10 2010

More from the poems written in Math class.


The light, the truth,
Finally you know
that he likes you, more
than you know.  Though you
don’t see it, believe me, it’s true.
If you’d just stop and look at him
Look at him and see
how much he adores you,
clear in his eyes,
reflecting in yours.  Lost
in the colours, lost in your
warmth, he yearsn for you and
you don’t even realize it.  Wake
up and see the light, he’s
right in front of you.

Shhh… don’t
like me anymore;
i’m not worth anything.
but he loves you, so see the
light, and go towards
him.  After all, he’s right
in front of you.
You’ll be alright, as soon
as you see his light.



2 responses

18 10 2010

Reminds me of the song “Green and Cream” by Guilt Machine… at the end, the singer (Jasper Steverlinck… AWESOME singer) belts out

Pull me out of the dark
Into your stars
Into your sky
Pull me out of the dark
Into your arms
Into your light

So good.

Yours is good too, I guess 😛

19 10 2010

Those lyrics are much better than my horrid poem. You don’t have to lie… though I appreciate it! 🙂

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