The Meaning of Life (part 8)

17 09 2010

“Mom, we’re going to be doing homework in my room.  We’ll be out for dinner soon,” said Sean.  Before she even had a chance to answer, he pulled me out of the kitchen and led me to his room.

The walls of his room were covered with posters of movies, basketball players, a giant map of the world and the Canadian flag on the ceiling.  There was a desk with a computer, a small dresser and a bed.  It looked as though they had just moved here and hadn’t really had an opportunity to unpack everything just yet.

I took my backpack off and put it beside his dresser.  He did the same.  I stepped over to his bed and sat down, still admiring his room.  Sean laughed when he saw me.

“Is my room really that interesting?”

“More than mine.  I don’t have a Canada flag in my room.”  He laughed again and sat next to me on the bed.  Slowly, I saw him reach out his hand and put it on mine.  As much as I hated to do it, I moved my hand away.

“I can’t do this, Sean; it’s wrong.  What if somebody finds out?”

“No one will find out.  And even if someone does, then I’ll protect you.”  His words were sweet and caring, something I had never heard before.  I looked into his eyes and became lost in the colours.  His hand returned to mine, and before I knew, it I felt his lips on mine.  I had kissed girls before but this was different; it felt different.  The kiss was passionate and for the first time in my life, I felt like I was really in love.   Even though I knew that it was bad, it really felt like love.  Finally, we drew back.  I had gotten the biggest rush of my life that day.  But I couldn’t…

“I should go, Sean.  I’ll see you.”  I got up and scooped up my backpack.  I heard him following me behind.  He grabbed my arm right when I was at the door.

“Please stay, Jeremy.  For me?”  He made a sad puppy-dog face and I giggled, but turned serious again.

“I can’t Sean. I’m sorry.  I have to go now; I don’t want to make my mom any angrier.”  I really didn’t want to leave him, especially after our kiss.  So I leaned forward and gave him another kiss, which was equally good as the first one.  After it, Sean reluctantly opened the door for me and I stepped outside into the sunshine.  I heard him yell goodbye to me and I yelled it back as I ran from his house.  When I looked back, I was still able to make out Sean, who was grinning.  Little did I know it would be the last time I ever saw him.

*           *           *           *

My thoughts were racing as I ran home.  How could our love survive?  How could we survive?  Was this how I really wanted to spend my life?  There were too many things in my head.  I decided to just get home and figure it out slowly.

I took my time opening the door, since my mom was still cross with me for going over to Sean’s house.  Luckily, she wasn’t standing at the stairs when I came in.  I needed to talk to her about this, but not directly.  I looked in her room and found her sitting down at her desk, looking at some old pictures.  I tapped on the door gently and waited.  Then she turned around and immediately, her face changed expressions.

“Where the hell have you been?  You know you can’t go over to people’s houses after school!  What’s wrong with you, Jeremy?” she screamed.

“Nothing mother, I just made a new friend today and…”

To be continued!



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