21 01 2010

My friends know this, but occasionally, I will write songs about my friends or people I know.  So if you want a song, just do something special.  🙂  Or in this case, stupid.

One of my best friends was in a relationship (if you could even call it that) with a douchebag and despite everyone’s warnings and words, she, for reasons no one else could see, continued to see him and at one point, announced she “loved” him.  This song was an effort by me to basically try and make her realize how stupid she was being, and trust me, she was pretty stupid.  I think she would agree, and if not, then… she’s just being stupid.  😛


He’s got her in the palm of his hand
Something he enjoys to do
She can see through his pretty little game
And all she wants is you

And she convinces herself that his words spoken
Mean so much more than leave her broken


She’s stained by the lies
I wish I could lift her eyes to see the truth
Release her from this pain
Oh, but she’s stained

My words mean something, but his mean more
Does she truly believe what she feels?
I can only show her another door
Tainted by the thoughts of what is real

So another two weeks go by till she hears from him again
I’m hoping it will be the last time

Repeat chorus

I wonder how the story will all end
Wonder if I’ll lose another friend
No surprises if she wants to stay
I have to learn to tear my hand away/this song’s all I’ve left to say

Chorus x2

She’s stained
She’s stained
She’s stained



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